Stephen Ainley

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Praise for Stephen Ainley Books

‘Ainley skillfully weaves a gripping, emotional story of a soldier and the visible and invisible wounds of war..’ [Jessup]

‘Totally engrossing and believable, this is masterful book you cannot put aside…’ [Jessup]

‘a coming-of-age story that's full of humor and nostalgia…’ [The Dennis Bisskit Adventures]

‘full of humour, some obvious, some far more subtle and despite its farcical tone, it could so easily be a true story…’ [The Dennis Bisskit Adventures]

‘peppered with the setup catchphrase "What could possibly go wrong" and about 75% of the narrative is the subsequent enumeration of what went wrong and how…’ [Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound from Beacon’s Bottom]

‘hilarious twists and turns and nothing is predictable, making it a book I found hard to put down…’ [Dennis Bisskit and the Basset Hound from Beacon’s Bottom]

‘a real page turner…’ [Dennis Bisskit and the Man from Paris with the Very Large Head]

‘it's the ridiculous situations and observant witticisms that had me laughing loudly…’ [Dennis Bisskit and the Man from Paris with the Very Large Head]

‘I love the characters and their banter, the wit and sarcasm and the mental image of them both that the author has painted for us…’ [Dennis Bisskit and the Perplexing Problems]

‘Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish…’ [Jessup]

‘hilarious, poignant, and at times, a bit sad.  The writing has a beautiful flow to it and ties everything together in an exceptional and descriptive manner…’ [The Dennis Bisskit Adventures]

'A well-woven story with perceptive and empathetic insight into the overwhelming world that faces a basically honest-to-goodness man who is racked with PTSD…’ [Jessup]

‘Ainley does a great job of engaging the reader, warming the heart and making you smile through his characters and writing style…’ [The Dennis Bisskit Adventures]

‘passionate, raw, heartfelt, and true…’[Jessup]